My Favorite Thing to: Smell Good

3 Fragrant Ways to Transform Your Mood + Boost Your Sex Appeal

Article by Shindy Chen for Huffington Post

With the stress of buying holiday gifts for everyone else now out of the way, it’s time to treat yourself. Check out a few of my favorite things from this past year—to look good, smell good, travel good, and even do good in 2017.

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3 Fragrant Ways to Transform Your Mood + Boost Your Sex Appeal

3 Fragrant Ways to Transform Your Mood + Boost Your Sex Appeal

Article by Victorine Deych for Mind, Body, Green

Our nose is a brilliant instrument. It tells you exactly how someone will impact you before your other senses can catch up. Ever wonder why we kiss? Well, we’re actually sniffing each other—now that’s primal! The beauty is that we can use this primal recognition to become our most sensual selves. In a world of sensory overload, we have done everything to mask this natural ability in hopes of receiving what we think we desire.

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Aroma Healing for Summit at Sea

Aroma Healing for Summit at Sea

Still floating from one of my favorite experiences of the year. Summit at Sea is “an elite event series that gathers an eclectic cross-section of entrepreneurs, musicians, dancers, activists, and other creatives and thought leaders.” (Complex article)

I had the pleasure of sharing my oil blends with community through acupressure workshops, custom aroma palette cleansers during our meals, and scent sampling in the spectacular ashram. Yes, there was an ashram at sea!


VICTORINE at Revitalize by MindBodyGreen


VICTORINE at Revitalize by MindBodyGreen

Article by Travis Wright, Chief marketing technologist, CCP Global for Inc. Magazine

I had the honor of being invited to Revitalize 2016, an invite-only conference with some of the most conscious people on the planet in Tucson Arizona, September 16-18. At the event, there were yogis, athletes, actresses, actors, doctors, nutritionists, psychiatrists, entrepreneurs, investors, shamans, ironmen, tantric sex experts, a dude who has jumped out of airplanes over 18,000 times, a co-founder of the world’s largest men’s health organization, Movember, and even Miss USA.

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Aroma at Burning Man

Aroma at Burning Man

Burning Man helped further the evidence of the healing and elevating powers of aroma. This incredible, yet challenging, desert environment filled with a variety of temperatures and conditions made the body crave reprieve. Fortunately, this was abundant in my bespoke aroma creation for the playa. A proprietary combination of elevating and grounding plants, in addition to South-East Asian spices, not only cleared the nasal passages, but also maintained an all around euphoric state. This was exciting and fun to create and even more thrilling to experience with both old and new friends in one of the most remarkable settings one could find.

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The Contented Coconut Launches

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Q&A With Victorine Deych

It’s not often that you are sitting with one friend in Miami and she tells you that you must meet her other friend (who lives in NYC) immediately. You need to get on the phone like now. Next thing you know, I’m on a group text and the very next day I am on a call chatting with Victorine about pretty much everything lifestyle – beauty (her specialty), food, exercise, and on. She is a wealth of fun, love, and valuable information. Her organic body oils – Victorine Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll are divine. I can’t wait to hear all that she has to share.

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Current Elliott & Victorine

This month got kicked off with my Current Elliott collab. in their first retail shop on Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach. It’s safe to say that the exotic smells of sex, drugs and rock & roll are still lingering. We are so excited for more adventures to come on this journey. Stay tuned…

Detox the Heart


In my opinion, the heart gets beat up more than any other muscle in the body. On my yearly detox trip to palm desert, I found the courage to venture to Joshua Tree alone. My reward was one of the most beautiful treasures I have ever found: this heart formation rock that I stumbled upon on one of my hikes. In this moment, I knew that the heart needs detoxing too. Self love has been spotlighted tremendously in the media, but what does that really mean? For me, it’s just giving yourself a day like this one to get lost and find what you need most.

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