Push up against your boundaries. These sensual scents take you to your wild side and back. Where do you want to go?



Smell Euphoria

Dusted is the FIRST Cannabis Flower Fragrance that marries the worlds of fine perfumery and healing oils. With its topical application, not only do you have the aromatic benefits of smelling good but there are added health benefits through hormone balancing aromatherapy and topical application. These may include:

  • boosts of energy
  • elevated mood
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased mental clarity
  • decreases inflammation

Side effects may include:

  • increased libido
  • permanent euphoria
  • strangers sniffing you

100% Pure Wild-Crafted: Wood Accord, African Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Absolute, Cannabis Flower Terpene Oil, Organic Palm Oil (sustainable fair-trade)

5ml. Roller (eau de parfum)



Aphrodisiac & Spiritual

This sensuous and spiritual aroma is pure aphrodisia. Those who connect with this aroma are often loving by nature and desire connection through touch and community.

100% Pure Wild-Crafted: Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange Essential Oils, Apricot Kernel and Jojoba Seed Oils

60ml. Pump



★  As seen in Marie Claire

Premium & Organic

Most potent in its healing benefits, this grounding blend stimulates euphoric relaxation of the entire body. Those who connect with this aroma tend to be very centered and self-aware.

100% Pure Wild-Crafted: Rosewood, Black Pepper, Dark Patchouli, Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oils, Cannabis Flower Terpene Oil, Apricot Kernel and Jojoba Seed Oils.

60ml. Pump

Rock & Roll


Performance Enhancing & Uplifting

The aromatic equivalent to instant elation. This invigorating blend motivates your body to flow with pure energy. Those who connect with this aroma are fearless thrill-seekers.

100% Pure Wild-Crafted: Pink Grapefruit, Cardamon, Vetiver Essential Oils, and Sunflower Seed, Apricot Kernel, and Jojoba Seed Oils.

60ml. Pump

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Roller Set


Take a Fragrance Journey

This is your introduction to a full luxury healing experience through aroma. Wonderful when blended together, they are your perfect travel roller companions and play partners.

30ml, 3 rollers

Shanti Oil


Healing Oil By Victorine

Developed with the children of Shanti during the launch of our Youth Plant Education Program, Shanti Oil is a healing oil blend that calms and harmonizes the spirit. 100% of all proceeds go directly to Shanti House and will aid their efforts in housing and supporting at-risk youth.

Ingredients - 100% Organic: Lemongrass, Geranium, Mint, and Lavender.

3ml roller